The liberal practices and cross-disciplinary problem-solving being cultivated at Yale nurtured my critical generosity for experimentation, embracing multi-art forms, and seeing the potential in what Art can achieve for humankind.
— Ian Leung, 2019 HKETO-NY Arts Activator

Yale-China Arts Activators

The Yale-China Arts Activator Fellowship is a exceptional opportunity for Hong Kong based arts curators and managers to engage with and learn from the many resources and people of Yale University and New Haven. Arts Activators have the opportunity to not only curate and practice different art forms in New Haven but collaborate with people of all ages and walks of life as they strengthen their global networks.

Global Collaboration and Partnership

Arts Activators are ambassadors for Hong Kong culture and arts as they create projects and art that showcases the depth and talent of Hong Kong while including specialties from the local New Haven culture. By integrating Hong Kong culture into American culture, Arts Activators create projects that are a unique blend that allows everyone involved to experience something different and fun. Arts Activators share their projects at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in June at the end of their Fellowship.

Professional Development and Yale Mentorship

Yale-China pairs each fellow with a faculty mentor at Yale to help guide Fellows as they develop their projects and deepen their connections. Mentors and Fellows identify growth areas together and build a strong relationship over the course of the fellowship period. Yale-China encourages Fellows to seek peer and advisory relationships over the course of the period, in addition to the mentorship.

Arts Activators have a focus on pursuing conversations and relationships that best fit their growth area and professional projects. Because of this focus, they have a second mentor - a senior leader in the Hong Kong arts community, who helps advocate for the Fellow’s engagement beyond the Fellowship, consults on projects, and advises on project implementation upon the Fellow’s return to Hong Kong.

Vibrant and Knowledgeable Community

Fellows activate conversations in new spaces, awaking a curiosity for Hong Kong culture and arts throughout the Yale and New Haven communities. Beyond the student, faculty, and local communities of New Haven, Fellows reach a broader public and network through travel. Visits to arts hubs such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Louisville, Fellows meet industry experts, practitioners, artists, and other thought leaders to promote their projects as well as expand their U.S. network.

Past Fellows have benefited from observing new or different ways of engaging community, developing a more interactive arts education platform, and building audience. Other areas of interest may include technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, public service, and social change. Fellows in turn exchange conversations about methods and programs that have succeeded in bringing people together over art in Hong Kong.

Activators change the way we think. They give us hope by shining light on the unexpected and the new.
— Annie Lin, Associate Director of Arts Programs


Applicants must be:

  • Proficient in English

  • a Hong Kong resident with eligibility for United States visa

  • Able to spend six months in United States (January 2020-June 2020)

  • Available for a 30-minute in-person interview in Hong Kong

  • Able to articulate the importance of bridging cultures

  • Sensitive to cultural differences and ability to adapt to foreign or unexpected situations

  • Mature and able to reflect on experiences

  • Familiar with Hong Kong and Mainland China art districts and projects

Emerging leaders in artistic direction, curation, producing, program or project management, and marketing (3-5 years experience) with an intent to pursue a long-term career in Hong Kong are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is extended to midnight on Sunday, September 15, 2019 U.S. Eastern Time.

Questions? Visit our FAQs page.

Meet our 2019 Fellows.