Xiangya Overseas Alumni - Yale-China Association Scholarship
(XYOAA-YCA Scholarship)

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— 周罗, 八年制学生


Since 1914, the Yale-China Association has always been dedicated to the establishment, growth, and development of Xiangya. How time flies! Over the last ten years, the Yale-China Association has raised and issued over $1 million to funding Xiangya School of Medicine students with financial difficulties. In 2014, we began a new partnership with the Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association (XYOAA) to fundraise scholarships for students with financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine. This new scholarship fund has raised $500,000 to support student scholarships for ten years (2015-2024 at $50,000 annually), and provide programmatic activities that will enrich and develop scholarship students' career goals, leadership skills, and community service and research opportunities. We are grateful to our partners, XYOAA and Xiangya School of Medicine for contributing to this meaningful program. Learn more about XYOAA →


Provide 23 full scholarships and 40 half scholarships each year for ten years (2015-2024) for student with financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine and affiliated schools, and to provide career planning mentorship, leadership development, community service and summer research opportunities for scholarship students.

Steering Committee

Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association (XYOAA): Wei Chao, Li-Ming Zhang, Gary Zhou, Bo Wang

Yale-China Association (YCA): Nancy Yao Maasbach, Robert Rohrbaugh, Barry Wu, Ann Williams, Kristopher Fennie

Scholarship Fund Management

Donations to support the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship will be managed by the Yale-China Association through its managed funds at the Yale Investments Office.

Donations approach

Donations for direct scholarships for students is now closed, but you can still contribute to funds to help support programmatic activities for scholarship students, such as summer research opportunities and career planning activities. If you wish to donate to this part of the scholarship program, donations can be made with personal check, personal company checks, online payments, and bank transfer. Donations of money are full tax-deductible by the Yale-China Association by the extent of the law.

Xiangya campus ca. 1916

Xiangya campus ca. 1916

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this a new scholarship?
The Yale-China Association has been issuing scholarships to students in financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine for over ten years. This is a new partnership between XYOAA and Yale-China to ensure that scholarships continue to be provided to students who have needs.

Q2. Who will be eligible for the XYOAA-YCA scholarship?
Only students at Xiangya School of Medicine who have demonstrated financial need will be eligible for scholarship funds.

Q3. How will we determine who receives the scholarship?
XYOAA and Yale-China will create a selection committee with the help and guidance of Xiangya School of Medicine.

Q4. Will I be able to meet the scholarship students?
We hold an annual spring conference for scholarship students. If you are ever in Changsha in the spring time, there may be opportunity for you to meet scholarship students. You may contact us if you would like to request such an opportunity.

Q5. Will my gift be tax deductible?
Yes, your gift will be fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Q6. What can I provide for my tax accountant?
The Yale-China Association will provide an acknowledgement receipt for the amount of your gift.

Q7. What is the goal of this fundraising effort?
The goal of the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship effort is to raise $500,000 by September 15, 2014. If 250 individuals each gave $2,000, we would reach our goal.

Q8. Who will manage the money raised?
The Yale-China Association will place all funds for the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship into the managed fund at the Yale Investments Office.

Q9. How long will $500,000 last in terms of scholarships?
The goal of the $500,000 is to use these funds for 10 years issuing $50,000 each year in direct scholarships.

Q10. Will there be an opportunity to gather Xiangya, XYOAA, and Yale-China?
Beginning in the second year of the scholarship, our hope is that there will be an annual gathering and one-day conference at Xiangya School of Medicine to meet scholarship recipients, other students, faculty, and members of XYOAA and Yale-China. This would also allow donors to meet with mentees.