Arts Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the application process

When can I apply?

Applications will be accepted between August 1 and September 13, 2019 for the 2020 Fellowship program.

I have a prior commitment during the Fellowship period that would require travel out of the country, or missing classes. Am I still eligible?

Please check with Yale-China staff about your eligibility prior to applying. In extraordinary circumstances and with approval from Yale-China and the Yale Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), if you are eligible within your visa conditions, you may be able to travel for up to 14 days during the Fellowship period.

For my artwork samples, I would like to include multiple works as a single series. Can this be considered one of my three samples?

Yes. Please consolidate serial work into one file (under 2MB).

How do I upload videos?

Videos may be uploaded ahead of time to video-streaming platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. Please upload a document with the link and title.

FAQs about your Fellowship

How does Yale-China pair mentors?

Once Fellows accept their offers, Yale-China will schedule a videoconference with staff and faculty advisers to discuss your research interests and to introduce relevant centers, departments, organizations, and contacts. The advisers will suggest a few potential faculty mentors based on your expressed interests and growth areas. The formal mentorships can last 5-6 months and tend to be paired at the end of January or early February. Initial meetings offer both mentor and mentee the opportunity to meet prior to entering the mentorship. Fellows may prefer to select their own faculty mentor upon arrival after several opportunities for introductions, and will be encouraged to match by the end of January.

Is there any funding available to help subsidize my temporary leave of absence from Hong Kong?

Unfortunately, Yale-China currently does not have additional funding beyond the Fellowship stipends, but we hope to be able to provide greater funding in the future as the program develops year to year.

How do reimbursements for my visa and application fees and other pre-approved expenses work?

You must keep receipts for all expenses and submit them with brief descriptions to your staff adviser. The staff adviser submits the voucher request to the finance department, and your check is available within 30 days.

How does travel work?

For personal travel, with approval from Yale-China and the Yale Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), if you are eligible within your visa conditions, you may be able to travel for up to 14 days during the Fellowship period. We expect that you attend all classes and any approved travel should avoid absence from class.

For professional travel, Yale-China has a small travel fund to help subsidize your trip and facilitate meetings over a meal. These subsidies can be acquired with a short proposal and meeting with Yale-China advisers to discuss the purpose and guide opportunities in the travel region.

The best times to travel are during Spring Break (March 6-15, 2020), May, and early June. The 25th International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven takes place June 13-27, 2020 with several lead-up events at the end of May and early June.

Am I expected to create art during the Fellowship?

No. We encourage exploration, experimentation, learning, collaboration, and reflecting with the people you encounter in New Haven. While artists have found it useful to experiment with new work in New Haven, it is not expected for a fulfilling experience.

Fellows should be prepared to discuss their work and research as a core skill. Some past Fellows have brought materials to help illustrate their work to new professional contacts.

Yale-China’s extensive network in local public and private schools in the New Haven area has been a major part of several Fellowships. All Fellows have centered at least one project or workshop around community outreach and education, especially around Lunar New Year events and throughout May and June.

What is Seminar Week?

Seminar Week occurs one week before classes begin at the Yale School of Drama featuring workshops and seminars by industry experts and practitioners. Past Fellows have participated in these seminars and have cited this experience as an important introduction to the culture of Yale arts communities and meeting of distinguished alumni or special guests. The Arts Fellows in 2019 served on a panel about Hong Kong and expression. One artist found her collaborative partner through this panel.

Can I participate in conferences and festivals in the United States during my Fellowship?

If travel is approved and you can cover the funds to attend the conference, you may wish to learn more about a few of these to discuss with your advisers in the Fall. There are many others not listed here, but this is a starting list to help you consider the possibilities based on past fellows’ interests and experiences. Yale-China may be able to subsidize some of these costs.