2019-2020 Theme

Social Innovation and Knowledge Equity

who can apply?

All Yale College students (first year, sophomore, junior and senior) are eligible to apply.

how do i apply?

Fill out the Exchange Program application.

when is the application deadline?

September 29, 2019 at midnight.

I have more questions. Who do i ask?

Come to one of our info sessions (see calendar below) where L(U)CY alumni will be present. All info sessions will be at 442 Temple Street. You can also email Education staff.


Lingnan (University) College Yale Exchange Program

cooperation across continents

Yale students collaborate with Chinese students from Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen University to create a social solution or project based on the year’s theme. Teams consist of two Yale students, three Lingnan students and one Yale mentor. This unique setup enables teammates to work in new ways, learn a different perspective and experience new friends all before traveling to China.

friends for life

The core of Yale-China Exchange Programs is bringing people of different backgrounds together with the intent of creating life long relationships. By engaging in personal and academic discussions, L(U)CY participants experience new perspectives, lifestyles and people. They see the similarities and differences between themselves and their counterparts around the world and by simply talking and listening bridge the cultural gap showing that there is far more that brings people together than keeps them apart.

Social Innovation in Action

Through partnership with Tsai CITY (Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale), participants will have the opportunity to explore and work on relevant social issues with Yale mentors. Participants will also hear from three experts working in “Social Innovation and Knowledge Equity.”

tsai city

Tsai CITY aims to create an interdisciplinary learning environment that cultivates innovators, leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs in all fields and for all sectors of society. Tsai CITY has four core commitments:

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration

  • Inclusivity Across All Dimensions of Diversity

  • Skills and Practice of Effective Action

  • Risk-Taking and Resilience

Learn more about Tsai CITY by visiting their website.

shared expertise

Yale-China and Tsai CITY work together to find at least three experts to come to the Yale campus and speak and interact with L(U)CY participants. Experts are chosen not only based on the theme but the projects that the teams choose to pursue. Participants get to not only hear from these experts but also ask questions and work with them.

Coming out of the trip to China, I’m left with an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for Chinese culture, and the question of how I can continue to engage with it and its people into the future, as someone living in the United States.
— Gabi Wallk, L(U)CY 2019