Why Chinese in New Haven?

Educators play important roles in the lives of those around them, not only in their classrooms but in their daily lives. Our Chinese Teaching Fellows bring not only their Chinese language and cultural knowledge to their classrooms and schools but also to the greater Yale and New Haven communities. Insight into pedagogy, traditions, wellness and more are exchanged in every interaction Fellows have with those around them whether it be the classroom or Thanksgiving dinner or a bus ride. A mutual exchange of teaching and learning is at the heart of every moment of the Fellowship.

american pedagogy and professional development

Selected Fellows are placed with Yale-China’s partners in New Haven Public Schools where they teach Chinese language and culture class for an academic year. Fellows develop critical teaching, communication and cultural skills from their colleagues and also through additional support and professional development provided by Yale-China. Fellows are able to create classrooms where both American and Chinese pedagogies are utilized and give their students a unique learning environment.

New Haven, Second home

While moving to a new environment for an entire year can be a daunting task, Fellows need not worry because a New Haven ambassador family eagerly await each Fellow. These are local families who take you to the best ice cream places, invite you over for Thanksgiving, bake Christmas cookies with you and more. It is these families and the friends you meet throughout the year that allow you to call New Haven home as you build trust and community connections.

Don’t let people to tell you how amazing a place is. Take your backpack and experience it yourself.
— Amy Ho, 2018-2019 New Haven Fellow