Yale-China Fellowship


The Yale-China Fellowship is the longest continuously-run program at Yale-China and is the flagship program of Yale-China's education program area. Originally founded as the "Bachelor" program in 1909 to provide teachers for Yali High School, the program has evolved through the decades to meet changing needs in China and in the United States; today the Fellowship consists of four sites in China and two sites in the United States. The partnerships with these sites form the basis not only of the Fellowship, but of the entire education program portfolio.


The two pillars of the Fellowship are teaching and community engagement: teaching provides Fellows with a defined role in a Chinese community and is an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth, while community engagement builds the person-to-person connections that lead to the deepest possible levels of mutual understanding and respect. Though the balance and framing of these two elements have shifted over the past century, they have been at the heart of the Fellowship spirit ever since the first Bachelors sailed across the Pacific in 1909.

Yale-China Fellows represent a diverse range of backgrounds, interests, careers, and personalities.

Yale (English) Fellows

The Fellows Yale-China sends to China are selected from a pool of outstanding seniors and recent graduates of Yale University. While Fellows do still engage in English instruction in various forms appropriate to their sites, the contributions they make to their host communities in the areas of cultural exchange, creativity, critical thinking, and community service are seen to be of equal or greater importance when compared to their work in the classroom. Read more >

Chinese (Mandarin) Fellows

After more than a century of sending Fellows from Yale to China, the Yale-China Association was thrilled to begin building the missing half of the Fellowship in 2013 by sending the inaugural Yale-China Fellows from China to the United States. Currently running as a pilot with two Fellows in the New Haven school system, the long-term vision for the Fellowship is to establish multiple sites in the United States for recent college graduates from our Chinese partner institutions. Read more >

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