Chinese (Mandarin) Fellows


The Yale-China Fellowship recruits and selects Chinese (Mandarin) Fellows who serve as teaching assistants to Chinese Language teachers in New Haven, Connecticut schools and lead extracurricular activities at their host schools and organizations to forge lifelong bonds and mutual cross-cultural understanding with students, colleagues, and the host community.

The program is currently progressing through a series of very successful pilot iterations as Yale-China and its partner institutions build upon the foundations of their existing work. While the Fellows are in the United States, ongoing support is provided by Yale-China Association education program staff with the strong engagement of participating host schools and other local organizations.

Program Development

The inaugural Yale-China Chinese Fellows arrived in New Haven in September 2013, making the fellowship truly bidirectional for the first time in more than a century. In parallel with the Yale Fellows, the Chinese Fellows are charged with the twin tasks of teaching and community engagement, assisting in Mandarin Chinese instruction, sharing Chinese culture with their students and colleagues, and learning about American culture in depth.

The program is currently in its sixth year in New Haven, Connecticut. The regional public school system assigns each fellow to one school. This year, in New Haven, the schools are: Edgewood School, Educational Center for the Arts, and John C. Daniels School. This program is being conducted in collaboration with Yale-China's longstanding partners, Yali High School and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (see below) and the generous support of the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven.

The long-term vision for the Yale-China Fellowship is to service high quality programs and recruit alumni of Yale-China's Chinese partner institutions within five years after their graduation from university. Yale-China conceives of the Yale-China Fellowship as a single program encompassing both Chinese and American sites, integrating Fellows from all sites into a mutually supportive learning community.

Yali High School

Yali High School in Changsha, Hunan Province was founded by the Yale-China Association in 1906; 107 years later, Yale-China was honored to receive support from Yali High School in launching the first-ever Chinese site in the Yale-China Fellowship in New Haven, Connecticut. As the program develops, Yale-China continues to recruit two Yali teachers each year from the seven schools of the Yali Education Group to serve as Chinese Fellows in the Yale-China Fellowship. Applications to the Yali program are handled locally in Changsha by Yali High School in cooperation with Yale-China.

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