关于雅礼协会设立的James.R. Lilley纪念基金:

  • 在此下载誓约表格,在三个捐助级别里选择其一,成为Lilley基金之友。
  • 如有问题,请电邮.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)或致电(+1) 203-432-3866,与石蕾(Leslie Stone)联系。


  • 请阅读休宁雅礼教员的实地报告, 这些雅礼教员及他们在中国华南地区的同事都得益于Lilley基金的支持。
  • 请访问雅礼教员项目主页,了解更多该项目的目标和内容结构。


The Yale-China Association is honored to have been selected as the recipient of gifts in honor of the late Ambassador James R. Lilley. Ambassador Lilley (Yale '51) was a devoted Yale graduate and public servant. Career highlights include service as U.S. Ambassador to China (1989-1991) and South Korea (1986-1989). In remarks he made in June 2008, he said it gave him great comfort to know that when the U.S.-China relationship was fraught with tension, the Yale-China Association was on the ground, bringing Chinese and Americans together. Founded in 1901, Yale-China builds U.S.-China relations on a grassroots level through programs in the arts, education, health, and public service. Since 1909, Yale-China has been sending some of Yale's most promising graduates to teach English in China for two-year appointments as a part of our Education Program. Yale-China's Teaching Fellowship site at Xiuning Middle School in southern Anhui province continues this rich tradition and is the focus of the James R. Lilley Memorial Gift Fund for Yale-China. The video below presents a brief introduction to the James R. Lilley Memorial Gift Fund for Yale-China.

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