Letters from the Chair and Executive Director

Letter from the Chair

Christian F. Murck
Chair, Yale-China Board of Trustees

At the meeting of the Board of Trustees in June 2015, the Yale-China Association completed a leadership transition. Martha Finn Brooks retired as Chair and rotated off the Board, David Youtz attended his first meeting as our new Executive Director, and I was elected Chair. An unusually large cohort of trustees also rotated off, replaced by a distinguished group of new Board members. The June meeting took special note of Marcy Brooks’ leadership in eventful times. She led the Board through recovery from the global financial crisis and a search for a new Executive Director. We are a stronger, more focused, more vital Association thanks to her dedication and skill. I would like to begin by reiterating publicly the gratitude expressed at the meeting in June.

This is my second time chairing our Board. The first was a four year period ending in 1989. During tthat period, Yale-China resumed work in mainland China, beginning with our partners in Changsha, the Yali Middle School and Xiangya Medical School. In the twenty-six years since then, our programs have expanded and relationships developed with new institutions. Yet the Association retains its commitment to inspiring people to learn and serve together in the context of long-term relationships supporting institutional capabilities in the U.S. and China.

As we go forward, we face the challenge hat our opportunities will always outstrip our resources. We are respond to that by continually sharpening our strategic focus and by maintaining the high quality of our programs. This is of course a commitment both to individuals and to institutional partnerships. Marcy Brooks describes us as truly an Association, made up not only of trustees, staff, and program participants, but also of a broader community of alumni, members, and friends. That broader community animates our sense of purpose and is our greatest strength. Beginning a new term as Chair, it is my honor to invite your support and participation in the Yale-China Association.


Christian Murck
Yale ’65; Yali Bachelor, New Asia College, 1965-67
Interim Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

David Youtz
Executive Director

I am delighted and honored to join the Yale-China community as the new Executive Director (as of June 1). Actually “rejoin” would be a better word, since I served as Yale-China’s Hong Kong Director from 1991 to 1996. Those were years when China was deepening its re-engagement with the world and Yale-China’s people and mission were flourishing in classrooms, hospitals and conference halls in both countries.

Returning to New Haven now, I am struck by how much is new and vibrant – remarkable for an organization that is 114 years old! Just this year, for example:

  • Our medical, nursing and global health collaborations are impacting hundreds of thousands of patients and health professionals and students,
  • Yale–China’s first Arts Fellows from Hong Kong lit up audiences and studios with performances and workshops in New Haven and Louisville, Kentucky (and soon, in Hong Kong),
  • We are ever more engaged with the New Haven community, from public schools to City Hall,
  • A new scholarship fund, raised among Xiangya School of Medicine’s alumni, will begin supporting 60 medical students each year from underserved areas of Hunan,
  • Yale-China Teaching Fellowships are now fully two-way, bringing twenty American and Chinese Fellows to live and work for an extended period of time in each other’s countries – experiences that transform the participants, and produce unforgettable moments of understanding and connection. Among the special moments this year, Fellows staged a production of The Sound of Music in Anhui Province, and Yali Middle School teachers from Changsha enriched classrooms in New Haven with Chinese language lessons and dumpling-making demonstrations,
  • And several exuberant, undergraduate-run exchanges bring young Chinese and Americans to work together on each other’s campuses.

Today, when the U.S.-China headlines are so often negative – in both countries – it is crucial to have an organization like Yale-China that brings people together, solves practical problems and builds warm and lasting partnerships. These positive engagements opens minds, trains influential people and create enduring collaborations (like Xiangya Medical University, Yali Middle School, Central China Normal University, New Asia College, and more). I’m looking forward to working on these challenges, and I thank you for supporting this storied organization!

For well over a century Yale-China has transformed thousands of lives in China and the United States. With your help – and despite the headlines – this work will make the difference in the century ahead.

With warm wishes,

David Youtz
Executive Director

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