Letters from the Chair and President

Letter from the Chair

Ping Liang
Chair, Yale-China Board of Trustees

At the June 2018 meeting of the Board of Trustees, I was elected Board Chair, succeeding Christian Murck. On behalf of the officers, trustees, and staff at Yale-China, I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Chris for his excellent and steady stewardship through a period of leadership transition, first as the Interim Executive Director and then as the Board Chair. I have asked Chris to stay on the board for one more year as the Immediate Past Chair to ensure a smooth transition of board leadership.

I am passionate about Yale-China’s mission as an impactful nonprofit organization, inspiring Chinese and Americans to learn and serve together. For more than 117 years, Yale graduates have fostered long-term relationships with our Chinese partner organizations, to improve education and public health in China, to build schools and collaborations, and to enhance cultural understanding between our two peoples.

Yale-China does a great deal of work in the United States and China, and every day the institution is adapting to changes and new expressed needs. Today, our programs include two-way exchanges, fellowships and programs in arts, education, health and community-building programs.

Our work in Hong Kong has strengthened this past year with the appointment of a Hong Kong Director, and the expansion of our leadership programs for Hong Kong artists and arts managers at Yale. In addition to working with the Yale arts faculty and professional schools, Yale-China also enjoys a strong partnership with the City of New Haven to promote cultural diversity in our local community and the annual Lunar New Year Lunarfest celebration – now Connecticut’s largest Chinese celebration with over 3,000 participants.

It has been a moving experience for me to witness how Yale-China’s fellowships have enabled Yale graduates to learn and grow from their China experiences. Hearing Chinese medical professionals tell how they benefited from Yale-China’s train-the-trainer programs for disease prevention and patient care has made me aware of the powerful impact of Yale-China’s health programs. Yale-China’s partnership with Xiangya Medical School to develop China’s inaugural medical residency program is another innovative accomplishment.

In March 2018, I attended the first Western Hunan Chia Conference and was deeply touched by the presentations of the Yale-China health fellows (Chia Fellows). These nursing and medical professionals showed us how they apply what they learned at Yale to affect positive changes in patient care in their hospitals. Our Chia Fellowship has further equipped these professionals with confidence and leadership skills that are creating tremendous ripple effects on their employers, colleagues and patients.

With China’s rapid and successful economic development, Yale-China will continue making positive, broad-based impact on issues identified by our partners and the Chinese government for improvement. We are targeting rural health as one key area where Yale-China can add value, especially to assist vulnerable populations, such as the left-behind children and elderly in rural areas. We will leverage our local partnerships to launch a pilot program in Western Hunan to develop an innovative model of rural health that could transfer to other remote rural areas in China. Yale-China is organizing Yale-based specialists for a pilot program to build expertise in autism, a rising need in China.

As Chair of the Board, I see it as my fiduciary duty to rally the staff, the board, committee members and the greater Yale-China family to work together as a team towards our strategic goals. We are enthusiastic about developing new programs for growth, with careful project due diligence and governance. We honor and respect our predecessors’ past contributions and seek opportunities to deepen our collaborations with long-time partners in China.

I welcome input from our program alums and supporters for Yale-China to focus on areas for continuous improvement. With your help, we can effectively communicate the “Yale-China spirit” and raise awareness of all the meaningful and impactful work being done by our hard-working colleagues under President David Youtz’ leadership. I look forward to getting our academic, business, and community friends excited about joining our new development efforts to continue Yale-China’s long record of impact and success.

Best wishes,

Ping Liang
Yale School of Management

August 28, 2018

Letter from the President

David Youtz

Welcome to the Yale-China Association—an extraordinary non-profit service organization and a vibrant Trans-Pacific community.

Yale-China is inspired by our long history and the tens of thousands of Chinese and American people who came before us, whose dedication built influential schools, hospitals, transformative programs and consequential collaborations across the tumultuous 20th century. Despite the challenges of wars, revolutions, separations, politics and cultural divides, we have demonstrated for almost 120 years that Chinese and American people have much in common, learn and work together well for mutual benefit, and form deep and abiding friendships.

Today, we are engaged energetically and ambitiously in helping people and bringing lux et veritas to the world. Our work changes and adapts constantly to reflect the fast-changing environment of 21st century China, providing nimble and impactful programs in education, public health, nursing, medicine and the arts that link and benefit the Yale community and our partner institutions in China and Hong Kong. Our fellowships, exchanges and collaborations are all investments in people—providing training, innovative solutions, immersive experiences and transformative education going in both directions across the Pacific. Throughout this work and for well over a hundred years, we have actively worked to deepen understanding, mutual respect and positive people-to-people relationships between our two countries. During this time of negativity, xenophobia, trade wars and distrust of people different from ourselves, Yale-China’s exuberant positivity, fearless service, stereotype-busting and bridge-building are more important than ever!

I invite you to learn more about Yale-China, past and present, and to join our work.

With warm wishes,

David Youtz

September 10, 2018

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