Yale-China Association Law Fellowship

Yale-China is not currently accepting Law Fellowship applications.


About the Yale-China Law Fellowship

The Yale-China Law Fellowship brings a Chinese lawyer with a focus on providing legal services to the community to the United States to learn about the U.S. perspective on public service law and to intern at a legal services organization in New York City.

The Yale-China Law Fellow will receive:

  • Paid airfare to and from the United States, as well as visa support
  • Housing and a stipend to cover basic expenses
  • A four-month placement at MFY Legal Services, Inc. in New York City, working in one or two of the designated project areas
  • An orientation period in New Haven designed to introduce the Fellow to public service law in the United States
  • Pre-departure orientation and preparation from Yale-China affiliates in Guangzhou
  • Support from Yale-China staff members and affiliates in both New York City and New Haven

The Yale-China Law Fellow will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Work at least 40 hours each week at MFY Legal Services on assigned tasks and projects;
  • Conduct an independent research project on a topic in public service law or legal service and compose a 10-page paper;
  • Attend conferences and lectures on public service law and/or legal services in New York City;
  • Travel to New Haven as required to meet with advisers and Yale-China staff; and
  • Continue to represent Yale-China as a Yale-China Law Fellow after the conclusion of the Fellowship.

Applicants must be recent graduates of law school with a focus on some aspect of legal service in the public interest and a desire to continue providing legal services in China in the future. Applicants must be graduates of Sun Yat-sen University and/or the Sun Yat-sen University Law School in Guangzhou, China. Candidates who have not yet received a graduate degree in law will not be considered.

The ideal candidate will also have a basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system; a knowledge of and interest in public interest law and legal service organizations in China; fluent spoken and written English and Mandarin language skills (Cantonese is also very helpful but not required); and be independent, personable, and able to quickly and easily adapt to new environments and situations.

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