Fireside Chat featuring Changyong Huang

Professor Changyong Huang is the vice president of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Dean of College of Creative Studies of Shanghai Theatre Academy, the Director of Metropolitan Cultural Audit Center (MCAC), professor, and Ph.D supervisor and also the professor and Ph.D supervisor of Tongji University, the deputy director commissioner in Higher education Art theory major teaching guidance committee of Ministry of Education, the syndic of Shanghai writers' Association and deputy Chief Planner of Shanghai Creative Industries Center. Prof. Huang is mainly engaged in the research on literature, cultural theories, cultural creative industries, and metropolitan culture. Prof. Huang has conducted numerous research projects of National Social Sciences Foundation, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning and Shanghai Municipal Government. He has participated as the consultant in a lot of region cultural industry projects, creative industry development planning and projects. He has published over 100 academic papers and his works have been widely quoted. He has received the Eighth Shanghai Outstanding Award of Consultation and Research for Government Decision-Making. Prof Huang took the initiative in setting up World Cities Co-ordinated Center for Culture and Innovation which was funded by Shanghai Municipality in 2014.

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