Leadership and Service

Leadership and Service is a special branch of the Education Program through which Yale-China offers a wider variety of programs aimed at cultivating its namesake values – leadership and service – in American and Chinese students. Program content includes law, business and society, nonprofit development, and community and volunteer service. Participants travel to China and the U.S., work with local organizations, volunteer with peers from other academic institutions, and make life-changing connections through their work.

Program Opportunities

Yale-China's Leadership and Service programs span a range of time commitments, including some summer opportunities, some term-time opportunities, and some opportunities that require a part-time commitment through most of the academic year with travel during spring break.

Application Process

Participation in all Leadership and Service programs is determined through an application process for each program. Additional details on application deadlines and materials for the 2013-2014 academic year will be posted as they become available. In the meantime, we encourage you to peruse the program information on the pages listed at the left.

YUNA Quotes

“My spring break was great, but it wasn’t just great – it was saturating and substantial, mind-expanding and unsettling, while also fun, varied and delicious. I was in Hong Kong, but I wasn’t just in Hong Kong – I experienced Hong Kong, through conversations and lectures, and sights and sounds and smells, and above all through people…”

Program Staff

Leslie Stone
Director of Education

Brendan Woo
Senior Program Officer, Education

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