Scholarship Winners and Testimonials

8-year program
“I am so glad that I got the scholarship sponsored by Yale-China Association. It means so much to me. It is not only a kind of recognition for our hard work, but also an inspiration for our study.”


CHEN Xianmei
5-year program
"Today, I feel unprecedentedly proud to get the Yale-China Scholarship. It is the first time I learned how so many leaders and teachers are supporting us. Just because of your contribution, I am greatly encouraged.”


FAN Chengming
5-year program
“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Yale-China Scholarship Committee for the scholarship. I will do my best to improve myself and make a lasting contribution to society. Thank you again!”


ZHANG Qiongyan
5-year program
“The Yale-China Scholarship means a lot to me. I think that I should take up my responsibility right now, working hard to gain valuable medical skills. I will devote myself to a clinical medical career and try my best to serve society.”


8-year program
“I’m quite honored to get this award this year. I know it’s not easy and I will treasure it for my whole life. Though I have some achievements, there’s still a long way to go in the future.”


MA Hong
8-year program
“I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for the Yale-China Scholarship. Thank you very much for the timely help and assistance. I will work hard as usual and I hope it will be in my power someday to repay your great kindness. I shall always remember it with feelings of the greatest gratitude.”


KUANG Laibing
4-year program
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Yale-China Scholarship Committee, for the scholarship is a great honor to my work and very encouraging. Thank you very much.”


Kevin Su, '16
Sun Yat-sen University
Growing up as a first-generation American in New York City, Kevin Su has had ample opportunities to learn not just in the classroom but also from the communities and cultures around him, and he is now excited to share his love of cross-cultural learning as a Fellow at Sun Yat-Sen University. At Yale, he studied Anthropology alongside a pre-medical concentration, particularly interested in the ways that communities create, organize, and sustain beliefs, traditions, and institutions surrounding health and medicine. He has taught sexual health to New Haven high school students with the Yale Community Health Educators for two years and has found education a fulfilling way to actively encourage a culture of knowledge and responsibility among American youth. His past two summer experiences have also helped him refine and foster his particular interests in medicine and anthropology: in the summer of his sophomore year, he interned at APICHA Community Health Center in New York City, which delivers care to the LGBT and Asian American populations in Manhattan's Lower East Side. There, he saw first-hand the importance of culturally- and structurally-sensitive care in medicine, as well as the need for educational resources among vulnerable populations such as immigrants and young people. In the summer of his junior year, he had the privilege to study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Kunming, China for six weeks, and the experience solidified his interest in better understanding Chinese health beliefs and institutions, both in their native manifestations and also as translated in immigrant communities abroad. Outside of his academic interests, Kevin also served on the executive board of WYBC Yale Radio for two years and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of and passion for American culture, especially music, with his students. Kevin is grateful for the opportunity to return to China for a longer period of time as a teacher and foster deeper mutual understanding in and out of the classroom at Sun Yat-Sen University.

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