Program Highlights

Residency Training Program Timeline:

Initial Discussions with Xiangya about collaborations in broad medical, nursing, and hospital areas

Residency training as one of the focus areas of a broader collaboration between YCA and Xiangya emerges

Aug 2007
YCA assessment trip to Changsha

Oct 2007
First Exchange under the collaborative residency training program at Xiangya
YCA trip to Changsha

Apr 2008
Xiangya Residency Training Leader to Yale
Vice President of Xiangya Hospital who is later the CSU Medical Affairs Director, Vice Director of
Medical Affairs from the University and Directors of Medical Affairs from each of the three affiliated hospitals
The development of the six core competencies and the discussion on a global assessment form

May 2008
YCA trip to Changsha
Refinement of the six core competencies and the development of the global assessment form
Start of the pilot programs in internal medicine, psychiatry and general practice

Oct 2008
YCA trip to Changsha
The refinement of a global assessment form to evaluate residents around the six core competencies
Identifying the need for program directors

Jul 2009
Xiangya Residency Training team trip to Yale
Led by Vice President of the third Xiangya Hospital, the three newly appointed residency training
program directors and the three vice directors of medical affairs from the hospitals
Global Assessment Form with behavioral anchors developed and introduction of Mini-CEX
New teaching methods introduced
Responsibilities of the program directors and the medical affairs vice directors defined

Oct 2009
YCA trip to Changsha
Training curricula discussion and initial evaluation
Teaching methods

Mar 2010
YCA visit to Changsha
A brief meeting to discuss progress and planning for activities for the next year

Oct 2010
Xiangya Residency training team to Yale
Led by Vice Dean of Xiangya School of Medicine, Xiangya Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, and General Practice
program directors and department chairs, as well as CSU Medical Affairs Vice Director
Formal discussion and the start of the development of university and hospital policy support structure

Oct. 2010
YCA trip to Changsha
Continued discussion following October Xiangya trip to Yale
Update of pilot programs at the three affiliated hospitals
CSU and Xiangya leadership change and Xiangya leadership commitment to residency work

Mar 2011
YCA trip to Changsha
Xiangya set goals to expand the pilot residency training programs from three departments to another dozen different departments
New program directors for the first wave of expansion departments selected
Faculty development work started and program director responsibility system implemented

Feb to
May 2011
Xiangya Internal Medicine program director in residence at Yale developing Xiangya Residency Training
Evaluation model and investigating faculty promotion system at Yale

May 2011
Xiangya delegation visit to Yale
Led by the Dean of Xiangya, other members include CSU Director of Medical Affairs (who oversees residency training for all hospitals), President or VPs of all three affiliated hospitals, and CSU director of Human Resource
Discussion of promotion system to support education
Discussion of residency training evaluation
Xiangya discussed their plan to further expand the residency training

Oct 2011
YCA trip to Changsha
Series of residency documents published at CSU Xiangya School of Medicine
-New standards published on organizational structure, operational methods, management policy, personnel responsibility, protected time.
-Further development of training scope, training goals, curriculum design, progress management, evaluation.
Xiangya Hospital: met with related department directors, project managers, residency faculties; reviewed residency training evaluation development.
Second Xiangya Hospital: Residency training reports and progress; met with residency program director of surgery.
Policy documents related to residency published and disseminated.
Third Xiangya Hospital: Vice President Zhu gave overview of residency program, currently no residency directors selected, hospital
undergoing personnel reorganization, but hope to identify directors in the near future.

Feb 2012
Xiangya delegation visit to Yale
TAO Lijian, Dean of Xiangya, CHEN Xiang, VP of Xiangya Hospital and CHANG Shi, a faculty from surgery of the same department
Further discussion on residency training
Learning about Yale’s current undergraduate medical education curricula and the newly developed

Mar 2012
YCA trip to Changsha
Visited each of the three affiliated hospitals and learned about work to date
Discussion with leadership about the next steps in residency work

May-June 2013
Dr. DENG Youwen, Surgery Residency Program Director of Second Xiangya Hospital Visits Yale

For the past six years, Xiangya has made impressive strides on residency training. Some of the advances included the development of a Xiangya system-wide set of competency based requirements for its residency trainee and policies requiring the completion of such training before clinical appointment, a set of detailed evaluation tools for the residents and teaching faculty, appointment of personnel responsible for residency training management and teaching, the development of clear university policies that support residency and medical education, and a management structure that has been put in place to track residency training work.

April 2014
Central South University Delegation attends NEGEA Conference at Yale

A 7-member delegation from Central South University, Xiangya School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals participated at the Northeast Group on Educational Affairs annual retreat, held at Yale University from April 11-12. The delegation presented four posters and one oral presentation at this conference, which were warmly received. The delegation also spent time working on developing residency evaluations at the program, faculty, resident and hospital levels, in consultation with Yale faculty professors Robert Rohrbaugh and Barry Wu.

July-August 2014
Dr. ZHOU Yu, Vice Director of Medical Affair Office of Second Xiangya Hospital Visits Yale

Dr. ZHOU oversees the residency training program at the Second Xiangya Hospital. During her visit to Yale, she focused on learning about the residency training management structure and system at Yale. Dr. ZHOU met with various leaders and administrators involved in residency training work, as well as numerous program directors to learn about their experience in managing individual residency programs.

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