Chia Fellowship at Yale

About the Program

Chosen through a highly competitive selection process, Chia Fellows spend six months at Yale, during which time they each develop a public health project under the guidance of a Yale faculty mentor and Yale-China staff. Each Fellow then implements the project upon return to China. Projects undertaken by the Fellows have ranged from links between air pollution and respiratory disease, to studies of needle injection practices in rural health clinics.

Fellowship Structure at Yale

Chia Fellows spend six months in the fall of their fellowship year on Yale campus refining their health research and educational outreach projects. While at Yale, each Fellow is paired with a faculty advisor. The program of study is tailored to the needs of the Fellow and guided by the Yale faculty mentor and Yale-China staff. Before returning to China, each Fellow completes her project proposal and is expected to complete her project in two years following return to China.

Current and Former Fellows

To learn more about our current and former Chia Fellows and their research projects, please visit this link: More >

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