The Tea House of Many Stories

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Sat, June 22, 2019 | 12:00-1:00 pm
The Tea House of Many Stories
New Haven Green, Festival Center
250 Temple Street, New Haven, CT

Ian Leung (2019 HKETO-NY Arts Activator, Yale-China Association) invites you to his lecture-performance of The Tea House of Many Stories located on the lower New Haven Green.

Come see how far a cup of Chinese tea can take us to where stories are told, exchanges are made, and ideas are born.

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Catching up with HKETO-NY Arts Activator Ian Leung

During Ian’s six-month Yale-China fellowship, he has been focusing on his two research interests: 1) art programming and its audience, and 2) public art and architectural intervention. Intrigued by questions of what art deserves to be known, who constitutes the audience, and what makes the art relevant, Ian plans to conduct a participatory performance after which these questions will be addressed. The setting for this participatory performance will be an intimate tea house during which Ian will serve tea to his guest (his audience) and they will exchange life stories and experiences. When the performance experience concludes, Ian will interview his audience to understand his or her experience of “art” during the performance. Ian plans to share his findings from these interviews in a lecture-performance, “The Tea House of Many Stories,” during the International Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven.

Ian is also working with students at the Yale School of Architecture and at the Yale School of Art on a public art and architectural intervention project in North Point, Hong Kong, an area that is currently undergoing gentrification and consequently displacement. Embracing the idea that public art and architecture can inform and shape the public experience and utilization of a space, they are designing a proposal that addresses the social issues identified at that site.

Finally, Ian is serving as a contributing peer adviser to the students at the Yale School of Architecture who are involved in Elihu Rubin’s Ghost Town project, helping them creatively think of ideas that will engage the public with their designs. As a storied industrial city, New Haven is left with buildings and landscapes that reflect its industrial past. These architecture students have created a set of proposals for these historical buildings and landscapes that reimagines, reinvents, and repurposes these spaces and buildings while honoring their historical legacy. The interactive “New Haven Industrial Heritage Trails” exhibit is the culmination of Ian’s work with these students and will be presented during the New Haven International Arts and Ideas Festival in June.

Join us for the Festival!

Yale-China Arts Fellows and HKETO-NY Arts Activators will be at the 24th International Festival of Arts & Ideas! Don't miss it!

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