Orchestra on the Trail

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Sun, June 09, 2019 | 4:00-4:45 pm
Orchestra on the Trail
Ralph Walker Ice Skating Rink
1080 State Street, New Haven, CT

Join Alice Wong (2019 HKETO-NY Arts Activator, Yale-China Association) for a walk to the old district of Fair Haven, along the Mill River Trail, on an excursion for your ears. Be part of an impromptu orchestra on this soundwalk and experiment with sounds in unique spaces and places along the trail. Participants are encouraged to bring their own sound objects - a plastic bottle, a pair of bamboo chopsticks, balloons - to make big and small sounds on the walk.

All ages welcome. Space is limited to 30. Reservations recommended.

Learn more by visiting artidea.org/YaleChina2019

Catching up with HKETO-NY Arts Fellow Alice Wong

Alice found the first three months of her fellowship to be quite challenging. Of course, being in an unfamiliar country meant adjusting to a new culture. The harsh New England winter that greeted her arrival subjected her to conditions and temperatures well out of her comfort zone. On top of all that, Alice tried to fulfill her administrative responsibilities at her company back home while juggling her coursework assignments here. Faced with these simultaneous challenges, Alice was initially overwhelmed and worried about how she would manage to complete her fellowship. However, over time, as Alice developed relationships with her mentors, her classmates, and other collaborators, she found her fellowship to be more than just a mere academic exercise or experience to persevere through. Her fellowship became a rewarding journey of cultural and personal enrichment.

As a member of soundpocket, a Hong Kong nonprofit art organization that promotes the art of listening to sounds in a variety of contexts, Alice is interested in engaging the public in intentional listening. During her time here, she developed a sound and listening workshop for students at two local schools. Through the listening, collecting and drawing of sounds – sounds already present and those that they make themselves, the students created “sound maps” of their community and neighborhood. The goal of this project was to help them discover their own sounds and the sounds in their environment through a “non-language” learning experience.

“The Orchestra on the Trail” is a project that Alice created for the New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas. In this project, Alice designed a soundwalk along the Mill River Trail, a path that connects two New Haven communities that have been separated by train tracks and highways. As with the soundwalk workshop for the students, participants are invited to listen to and experiment with ambient sounds and self-created sounds. In this way, this project creatively cultivates citizenship, not only by bringing attention to the trail to support its development but also by having participants contemplate their own individuality and their sense of belonging through the context of sounds in their environment and community.

Join us for the Festival!

Yale-China Arts Fellows and HKETO-NY Arts Activators will be at the 24th International Festival of Arts & Ideas! Don't miss it!

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