Xiuning Service and Cultural Exchange Program

Xiuning Service and Cultural Exchange Program

In the summer of 2011, Yale-China brought 200 Yale University alumni, family, and friends to Xiuning, Anhui province, for a week of teaching, learning, and cultural exchange. The trip was the culmination of a year of planning and partnership between Yale-China, the Yale Alumni Service Corps, and the Association of Yale Alumni. All projects were planned and executed by volunteers and involved local students and medical professionals at four project sites. The trip culminated in a final performance featuring the accomplishments of students during the week of project work and presentation of gifts to schools and local officials.

Thank you!

Yale-China thanks everyone – partner institutions, participants, and supporters - who made the 2011 program such a success!

From the Field

Yale-China Teaching Fellows maintained a blog from the field as part of participant preparation and orientation. (read more…)


“This was a fabulous trip. I had never been to China before, and it was a wonderful way to do it, being somewhere away from the main tourist areas, and having something absorbing to do besides sightseeing.  I feel I got a much greater understanding of China through the Xiuning experience and talking to the other participants about theirs than I would have had I just been on my own.“ – Ruth Karras, 2011 participant

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