About IRIS - Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services (New Haven)

IRIS is a non-profit organization that helps 200 refugees a year with their transition to living and working in New Haven. Many of the refugee school-aged refugee children have never entered a classroom before coming to the US. As a result, these newcomers encounter a host of obstacles to achieving academic success. IRIS works to remove barriers by providing children with intensive in-school and after-school tutoring assistance, as well as a summer school program.

About Qichuang Social Work Service Center (Guangzhou)

Qichuang is a social service organization in Guangzhou that conducts community service, research, training, consultation, and assessment of the community. A key program last year was the Plan of ‘Little Wild Geese’ (“小雁子”计划) which provided educational and social services to 6‐to‐16 year old children of migrant workers and their families in Haizhu District.

Internship Description

During their time with IRIS, interns will work directly with the children of refugees from all over the world who are assigned by the US government to relocate to New Haven. At Qichuang, interns will assist in social services to children of migrant workers and their families in aspects of security, adaption to a new environment, education, and social benefits.

Candidates need to be people-oriented, sensitive to cultural differences, flexible and independent. Applicants should also be enthusiastic about hosting the Guangzhou students in New Haven for part of the summer. Chinese language skills are required and English fluency is a must.


Yale participants in the Community Service Exchange will receive round-trip airfare to Guangzhou, as well as free housing in both Guangzhou and New Haven. Students will also receive a modest stipend in both places to help defray the costs of their commuting and daily living expenses.

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