From the Field

The following reports are from participants of 2012. New voices from 2016 will be posted by the end of this spring

LIU Peiwen

Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University
Symposium 2012

Our excellent advisor John [Perez, a student at the Yale School of Management] taught us that it’s how to convey your ideas and involve the audience that really matter, instead of how complex your slides look. Before, we knew nothing about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Now after spending lots of time on it, we have had a deeper understanding of it and we began to have concept of CSR strategies through watching different case studies.

By communication with professors of Lingnan College and Yale Management School, I see a lot of possibilities in life. I suddenly realized that life could be this different. We seldom have chances to talk with our professors when we were in Zhuhai, but this time we got the chance to talk with Professor Lu and Professor Zhang, which enables us to know more about our majors and have insight into our future. Nancy Yao’s speech about NGO has broaden our horizon a lot. And now we have known one more way that we can contribute to our society. Professor Charles Ellis’s lecture about business ethic has carved the inspiring motto ”Don’t let life happen to you” into my mind. Professor Victor Vroom’s leadership assessment has given us the chance to know more about ourselves and make progress.

Li Jin Chen

Yale University
Symposium 2012

The five days I spent with the Chinese students were simply amazing. It was some of the best time I have had in Yale. I developed very strong bond with every member of my team and got to become friends with many other students in the program as well. I enjoyed showing them Yale and was glad that they liked the school a lot, too. My conversation with the Chinese students changed my initial perspectives on Chinese society and its education system and widened my views on many issues.

Academically, I learned a lot from my participation. I am a biomedical engineering major and knew very little about economics, or corporate social responsibility, compared to everyone else. However, during the program, I found out so much more from my research and my teammates.

The lectures were very inspiring. I was particularly fascinated by the social enterprise lecture by Professor Sheldon. What he said changed my opinion about how money should be spent to produce maximum social goods. The leadership assessment test was also very interesting in that it let me know more about my own leadership style. Overall, it was an enriching experience for me. Even though I totally fell behind in my school work and lost a lot of sleep because of the program, I think every moment was worth it.

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