Yale-China Fundraiser: March of 100 Dinners

Chairman Mao memorably said: “Revolution is not a dinner party.

"We disagree! Host a dinner party and help change the world!"     — David Youtz, Executive Director

In this year of division, isolationism, xenophobia and US-China tensions, there is something you can do to counter the dark news stories. For the 2nd year in a row, the Yale-China community is hosting dinners in many locations to benefit our work and spread the word about what we do. The Yale-China Association works against these negative trends, building stabilizing relationships, collaborations and bridges of understanding between American and Chinese people.

During the spring, we are asking our supporters to host a dinner party. Reach out to your network—alumni of our programs or friends who have never heard of us—and share what this small organization is accomplishing. Yale-China can provide contact information (as needed) and will send you everything you need to host one of the events that are happening from Boston to Beijing. Commit to serve as a host and we will send you customizable invitations (see sample attached), guest gifts, materials to present our work, and suggested activities. Any time this spring is fine with us (April, May or June). This year, our dinner theme is telling and recording the extraordinary and transformational stories of Yale-China’s people to help counter the other stories about China.

Here's how it works

THE HOST volunteers to provide the meal and venue -- however you want to do this: in a restaurant, in your home, as a potluck dinner or catered, or whatever you choose. The host reaches out and invites guests of their choosing (Yale-China can help with names from our database if desired). Invite a larger or smaller number of attendees, as you wish. The host also decides on the donation price that each guest pays to attend -- you can customize an invitation that Yale-China provides. 100% of proceeds are tax deductible. We suggest a minimum of $20, or go for $116 to commemorate our birthday in 2017, or whatever you feel will accomplish the dinner's fundraising goal, without excluding those who want to participate.

YALE-CHINA will provide what you need to run the evening, including customizable invitations, information to share about what Yale-China does and why we are a worthy cause, a brief video to inspire conversation, and small gifts to thank your guests. We can also help you locate current and recent fellows, students and other Yale-China participants in your area who could share their stories and what the experience means to them.

GUESTS pay the set price to join the evening, and then no further donations are solicited at the event. We want the evening to be fun and a celebration of our community and -- for those who are new to Yale-China's work -- a good introduction to what we do.

Yale-China: Yale-China Office Internships

Yale-China Office Internships

"The entire atmosphere of Yale-China is extremely welcoming, and it shows in the involvement of the Association in numerous communities, whether in New Haven or in China. What has left the strongest impression on me is the Association's dedication to education."

— Doris Lin, Yale-China Arts Intern 2014-2015

Inspiring people to learn and serve together starts at various stages in one's life and career. Yale-China offers year-round opportunities for Yale students to serve as interns in New Haven. These internships provide students with an encouraging environment to develop and hone professional skills, while pursuing projects and supporting staff on a wide-ranging repertoire of international programs.

Internships begin in September with a flexible 4-6 hour work week to be scheduled. Each internship offers a $500 stipend. Interested Yale students of any major are welcome to apply.

Questions? Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The deadline to apply for the 2017-2018 Yale-China Office Internships is Friday, September 29, 2017.

Arts Internship || Digital Media Internship || Health Internship

Yale-China: Yale-China CCNU Guizishan Fellowship

Yale-China CCNU Guizishan Fellowship

The Yale-China CCNU Guizishan Fellowship is an experimental initiative of the Yale-China Association and Central China Normal University (CCNU) that is intended to deepen understanding of China through collaboration and partnership.

Guizishan Fellows carry out an individualized program of inquiry in any field or area of interest; Fellows also teach a half-time course load at CCNU, with assigned classes to be determined by the backgrounds of the selected Fellows and needs at CCNU.

The Guizishan Fellowship features a year-long appointment at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The two core responsibilities of the fellowship — an individual project and teaching duties — ensure that Guizishan Fellows maintain a very strong connection to CCNU and benefit from support through involvement with CCNU faculty, students, and administrators while in residence in Wuhan.

The project consists of four main stages:

  • Inquiry: Guizishan Fellows enter the program with a project proposal that seeks a deeper understanding of some facet of Chinese society, culture or knowledge. As part of each Fellow’s pre-departure preparations, the project is refined into a path of inquiry with guidance from CCNU and Yale-China advisors.
  • Exploration: Upon arrival in Wuhan, Guizishan Fellows begin to explore the communities and resources available to them both on campus at CCNU and beyond campus in the metropolis, taking advantage of the extensive Yale-China and CCNU networks. Teaching duties, while limited to reserve time for project work, function as an important service learning opportunity and strengthen fellows’ ties to the university community. As fellows pursue their projects, their work continues to be guided by both Yale-China and CCNU advisors.
  • Synthesis: The knowledge obtained through Guizishan Fellows’ exploration is organized and analyzed to produce a new depth of understanding on the topic of inquiry.
  • Presentation: The outcome of each fellow’s project will include the proposed final product (publication, conference, workshop, presentation, film, etc.). The product serves as evidence of the new knowledge and understanding gained from the year-long fellowship and as a measure of the fellow’s level of cooperation and collaboration at CCNU.

Eligibility and Support

Yale-China welcomes applications from college seniors and final-year graduate students at Yale University, along with recent Yale graduates (i.e., those who will have completed a BA, MA, or PhD, class of 2013 or later – including the class of 2018) in all fields. Funding support includes a stipend, accommodation at CCNU, project funding support, international travel, visa, and international health insurance. Guizishan Fellows also benefit from a Yale-China orientation program, ongoing staff support, and a worldwide network of advisors and supporters.

Yale-China: Exhibit Catalog

Exhibit Catalog

As part of Yale-China’s mission of fostering understanding between Chinese and Americans, the Art Exhibit Series presents art and artists who explore elements, subjects, or themes inspired by Yale-China’s work at the intersection of Chinese and American culture.

Yale-China is proud to present Michael Sloan as its featured artist during the 2013-2014 year. Michael's understanding of Hong Kong culture has evolved out of years of relationship building and friendly communication—pillars of Yale-China's legacy.

Below are the thumbnails of 18 original watercolor paintings by Michael Sloan. They are all available as giclee prints, and several originals are still available. Giclee prints are $215-$265, and originals range from $2,250-$5,000. Greeting cards (8 cards and 8 envelopes, $20) and exhibit books ($30) are also available. Proceeds benefit both the artist and Yale-China's arts program.

How to Purchase

To purchase an original painting or a giclee print, please contact Annie Lin at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Checks can be made payable to "Yale-China Association." For giclee prints, shipping within the U.S. is included, and international shipping is an additional charge. For original artwork, shipping is not included, and personal pick-up in New Haven is recommended. Shipping for greeting cards and exhibit books is not included.

Yale-China: Yali Society

Yali Society

In 2013, we launched the Yali Society, an alumni association serving former Yale-China Fellows and students. After a pilot year, we are happy to now expand membership in the Yali Society to include alumni of other Yale-China programs.

The goals of the Yali Society are simple: strengthen the Yale-China community, connect current and past program participants, and support Yale-China's work. Activities include informal gatherings, organized outings, and mentorship opportunities.

Yali Society is organized into regional chapters led by volunteer alumni. The ten regions where we have organized chapters are listed below. Former program participants and students of Fellows who live in one of these geographic areas are encouraged to reach out to their regional coordinator; there will also be general opportunities for mentoring, program support, and career networking over the course of the year.

The work of the Yali Society is already being done in classrooms and coffee shops around the world, and we are now simply giving it a name. We're already planning potluck dinners and museum tours in cities around the globe, and we hope you can join us to meet and reconnect with your fellow Yale-China alumni.

The work of the Yali Society is currently being coordinated by Ming Thompson, an Old Biscuit from 2002, a Fellow at Yali Middle School in 2004-2006, and former Trustee of the Yale-China Association.

If you know Fellows or students who should be included in our list, or if you would like more information about the Yali Society, please contact Yale-China's education program staff at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Anyone in our community is encouraged to send contact information updates to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at any time. If you would like more information about Yali Society happenings in a specific area, reach out to one of the regional coordinators listed at right.

Let your community know what’s happening in your life and career by sending your “class note” to Yale-China’s 'Roving Ambassador' Mark Sheldon at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Yale-China: Chinese Arts Festival in New Haven

Chinese Arts Festival in New Haven

The Chinese Arts Festival in New Haven is a celebration of the Lunar New Year, Year of the Snake, to be held on Saturday, February 9, 2013.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (203) 432-3427.

This event is sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University, New Haven Museum, and Yale-China Association.

Yale-China: Xiuning Service and Cultural Exchange Program – Partner Institutions

Xiuning Service and Cultural Exchange Program – Partner Institutions

Xiuning Middle School (pictured) hosted students and teachers for a week of learning in July 2011

Yale-China is grateful to our partner institutions for their help, support of, and contributions to the 2011 Xiuning Service and Cultural Exchange Program!

Partner Institutions and Organizations

Yale Alumni Service Corps

Association of Yale Alumni

Xiuning Middle School

Haiyang #2 Middle School

Haiyang Primary School

Xiuning County People’s Hospital

Yale-China: Symposium on Global Leadership - Yale University Participants

Symposium on Global Leadership - Yale University Participants

Yale-China chooses 16 Yale students to participate in the Symposium and host their partners from L(U)C during their visit to New Haven each year.

“I've truly been able to learn so much about business strategy, corporate social responsibility, and U.S.-China relations through my project. The long hours on Skype and in the library have been worth it. This experience is something you just cannot get in the classroom.” – Aily Zhang, Yale University

2012 Symposium Participants – Yale University

Yale-China: Symposium on Global Leadership - Lingnan (University) College Participants

Symposium on Global Leadership - Lingnan (University) College Participants

Lingnan (University) College chooses 24 L(U)C students to travel to New Haven in the spring semester and participate in the Symposium each year.

““Unlike other communications programs, we took lectures familiar to our symposium subject both by the professors of Yale and UTC directors…and had face-to-face chances to question them in order to get further understanding of CSR. Wow!” – XU Yuanhua, 2012 Symposium Participant

2012 Symposium Participants – Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

Yale-China: Fellowship at Yale for Nursing Faculty and Students

Fellowship at Yale for Nursing Faculty and Students

Leadership Development for Xiangya Faculty

Yale-China: Nursing Research Workshop

Nursing Research Workshop

The Nursing Research Workshop series seeks to bring experienced nursing faculty from the U.S. to conduct training workshops in China. The goal is to elevate and enhance the academic training of nurses in China. Yale-China has conducted numerous workshops in the past, including topics on HIV/AIDS, research and grant proposals, measurement issues, theory in qualitative research, etc.

Yale-China: Medical Education

Medical Education

Over the past few years, Yale-China has coordinated several high-level delegation visits from the Xiangya School of Medicine to the Yale School of Medicine. Both medical schools are currently undergoing curricular reforms. As the exchanges continue, Yale-China hopes to facilitate further learning opportunities for both sides and explore potential areas for collaborative projects.

Yale-China: Residency Training

Residency Training

Yale-China began collaborating with Xiangya School of Medicine on residency training in 2007. Initially focused on training residents in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and General Practice, the residency program has now been expanded to more than 80 departments at Xiangya’s three affiliated hospitals.

The residency training program has developed a uniform set of six core competencies, standards against which the residents must be measured. Additionally, there exists a program management team of directors and medical affairs office staff. Close collaboration is maintained between program directors and the department chairs in developing concrete training curricula and faculty development plans.

Xiangya Residency Training Core Competencies

  • Professionalism
  • Professional Skills
  • Patient Safety
  • Medical Ethics
  • Team Spirit
  • Innovation and Self-Improvement

Yale-China: Publications by Chia Fellows

Publications by Chia Fellows

Below is a list of select publications in international and Chinese journals by current and former Chia fellows, including publications on research unrelated to the Chia Fellowship.

LI Lezhi

The Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha Hunan

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[Article in Chinese]

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Music therapy to relieve anxiety in pregnant women on bedrest: a randomized, controlled trial.

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LIN Qian

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[Nutrition and food safety and influence factors for lower grade pupils in 2 counties in West China].

[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

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Smoking behavior, knowledge, attitudes and practice among health care providers in Changsha city, China.

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WANG Honghong

Xiangya School of Nursing, Central South University, Changsha Hunan

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Effects of nutritional supplementation on children with HIV/AIDS in China.

[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

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SHI Jingzheng

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[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

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ZHANG Jingping

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WU Liaofang

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[Effectiveness of systematic self-management education on blood sugar level of patients in the community with type 2 diabetes].

[Article in Chinese]

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[Article in Chinese]

Zhou Q, Li X, Zou F, Wu L, Chen H, Liu Z.

Yale-China: Volunteers


“Volunteering at Yale-China has allowed me to appreciate all the work that goes into running a successful nonprofit organization. The programs that Yale-China organizes and hosts strive to foster an ever growing understanding between American and Chinese people; it has been a wonderful experience working with the people who make these programs possible." — Gabriela Cooper-Vespa, Volunteer 2012

The Yale-China Association seeks volunteers to assist with general administrative tasks and special events. Volunteers work under the supervision of the Operations Associate and will have opportunities to support Yale-China staff in various program areas. This is a great opportunity to get involved with Yale-China’s work, meet interesting people and gain valuable skills and experiences.

Volunteer applications are accepted year-round. Please direct inquiries to Daniel Loebell at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Yale-China: Yale-China Association China Perspectives Competition – Information for Applicants

Yale-China Association China Perspectives Competition – Information for Applicants

Information about the 2014 China Perspectives Competition will be made available later in the academic year.

Upcoming China Perspectives Info Sessions: Check back in March 2014 for info session dates and application materials. Yale-China representatives will attend career fairs in the fall and can also answer questions at that time.

About the China Perspectives Competition

All current Yale undergraduate and graduate students, including those who will graduate in May 2014, who will be in New Haven in April 2014 to present their scenarios, are eligible to enter the competition.

In round one of the competition, students must complete a series of questions that provide a well-reasoned, fact-based scenario that suspends reality to predict China’s future. Five teams of finalists will be selected to advance to the second round. In round two, finalists will receive scenario training based on the work of the National Intelligence Council, revise their scenarios based on this training, and present the final scenario to a panel of China experts from various sectors to compete for the $2,000 grand prize. 

Students may construct their scenarios as individuals or in groups of up to three. All applicants must complete a template outlining their scenario, as well as submit basic contact information. All submissions should be in English. 

Finalists who advance to the second round will be required to attend scenario training and to present a final version of their scenario to a panel of judges in April 2014. The team that presents the best scenario will receive $2,000, while the other four teams will receive $250 each.

Yale-China: Internship Experience and Placements

Internship Experience and Placements

“I feel more culturally literate, more confident in my abilities to be a compassionate caregiver, clearer in my professional public and global health goals, and more excited to continue serving communities and exchanging experiences.” – Cynthia Chan, 2014 & 2015 Community Service Exchange Intern

About the Community Service Exchange

The Yale-China Community Service Exchange is a summer internship program run in conjunction with New Asia College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • Each Yale intern is assigned a Chinese partner for the whole summer. Partners live together, providing significant opportunities for cross-cultural exchange both at work and at home.
  • Pairs spend half the summer in New Haven working at local nonprofit organizations.
  • Pairs spend the other half of the summer in Hong Kong working at local nonprofit organizations.
  • For each pair, the American and Chinese organizations are linked by a theme, such as Education, Mental Health, or HIV/AIDS.

This internship structure allows Chinese and American students to engage in a cross-cultural comparison of approaches to issues being addressed in their communities. 

All Community Service Exchange Interns receive free housing, international airfare, and a stipend to offset the cost of basic expenses. Pre-departure orientation is held in New Haven in the spring.

2018 Placements

HIV/AIDS Care and Education (Hong Kong Placement)

One Yale student will be paired with a student from New Asia College to work in the field of HIV/AIDS care and education. The pair of interns will spend four weeks in New Haven, where they will work together at Leeway, Inc., a nursing home for people living with HIV/AIDS. At Leeway, the students will work with residents, helping organize activities and teaching work and life skills. The pair will then travel to Hong Kong, where they will work at the Red Ribbon Centre, an AIDS education, resource and research centre established by the Hong Kong Department of Health. Chinese language skills are not required for this internship.

2017 interns: Marah Maayah (Yale) and Hei Man Kwok (New Asia)

> Read more about this internship

Education (Hong Kong Placement)

One Yale student will be paired with a student from New Asia College to work in the field of education. The pair of interns will spend four weeks working for New Haven Reads and New Haven Literacy Volunteers, tutoring local students and adults to help increase their literacy skills and academic performance and helping out with educational administrative duties. The pair will then travel to Hong Kong and work at a primary or secondary school. Chinese language skills are not required for this internship, although native-speaker level English fluency is a must.

2017 interns: Maheen Zakaria (Yale) and Helen Ling (New Asia)

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Mental Healthcare (Hong Kong Placement)

One Yale student will be paired with a student from New Asia College to work in the field of mental healthcare. The pair of interns will spend four weeks in New Haven, where they will work at Marrakech, an organization that provides residential, educational, and job placement services to people facing economic challenges and that serves more than 1500 children and adults with developmental, physical, and behavioral health disabilities through housing, employment, and community integration services. The pair will then travel to Hong Kong together and work at New Life, a psychiatric rehabilitation center. Chinese language skills are not required for this internship.

2017 interns: Nancy Lu (Yale) and Maggie Li (New Asia)

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Yale-China: Yale-China Nonprofit Internship Program – Internship Opportunities

Yale-China Nonprofit Internship Program – Internship Opportunities

“I have spent four summers in exciting and difficult legal and political internships, but never had I been allowed to take on so much responsibility, nor see such obvious and clear causal connections between my efforts and real significant results.” – Jason La, 2011 Nonprofit Intern at Helpers for Domestic Helpers

The Yale-China Nonprofit Internship Program places Yale students in Hong Kong for seven-week internships in June and July. 

All Nonprofit Interns receive free housing on the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a stipend to offset the cost of airfare and basic expenses. Interns are expected to maintain a 40-hour workweek and are under the direct supervision of their host organizations for the duration of their internships.

At the end of the seven weeks, Yale-China brings all of its Nonprofit Interns together in one location to work side-by-side with Chinese university students on a weeklong service project.

2014 Placements

Asian Charity Services
Location: Hong Kong
Number of interns: 2
2013 Yale interns: Kelly Hsu, Lucy Xu
Language requirement: None required; Cantonese and/or Mandarin helpful.
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Asian Migrant Centre
Location: Hong Kong
Number of interns: 1
Language Requirement: None required; Knowledge of any of the Greater Mekong Subregion languages (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Lao, Thai, Burmese) a plus.
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Children's Medical Foundation
Location: Hong Kong
Number of interns: 1
2013 Yale intern: Etoroabasi Ekpe
Language Requirement: Mandarin Chinese skills (spoken and written) a plus, although not required
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Helpers for Domestic Helpers
Number of interns: 1
2013 Yale intern: Isra Syed
Language Requirement: None; Cantonese or Tagalog a plus
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Society for Community Organization
Location: Hong Kong
Number of Interns: 1
2013 Yale intern: Austin Long
Language Requirement: Proficient Mandarin and/or Cantonese required
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The Women's Foundation
Location: Hong Kong
Number of interns: 1
2013 Yale intern: Emily Harris
Language Requirement: None
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Yale-China: Information for Applicants

Information for Applicants

The Yale-China Association is now accepting applications for the 2018 Community Service Exchange program through Sunday, May 6th at 11:59 pm . Please contact Yale-China's education staff at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.

To apply for the Community Service Exchange, please submit all of the materials listed below. If you are applying to more than one position, please submit a separate statement of purpose for each internship to which you are applying.

The Hong Kong Exchange dates are coming soon

A complete application includes:

a) Application form (pages 2-6)
b) A one-page resume (please do not go over one page)
c) The Residential College Dean’s form (page 7)
d) A copy of your transcript (official or unofficial copies are both acceptable)

The completed application form, resume, and statement(s) of purpose should be sent as ONE e-mail attachment to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) no later than Sunday May 6, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Your transcript may be sent as part of the attachment or dropped off at the Yale-China office (442 Temple Street) before the application deadline.

Questions about the program or the application process should be directed to Yale-China's education staff at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Yale-China: Symposium on Global Leadership – Information for Applicants

Symposium on Global Leadership – Information for Applicants

The Yale-China Association conducting a second application round for the 2014 Symposium on Global Leadership. Applications are due on November 5, 2013 at 5:00 pm. All current Yale students are eligible to apply, including freshmen and graduating seniors. Application materials are available below. Please contact Leslie Stone (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) with any questions.

Upcoming Symposium Info Sessions:

To learn more about this opportunity and the application process, attend one of the following Info Sessions:

5-7PM September 16, Ezra Stiles Dining Hall
5-7PM September 25, Ezra Stiles Dining Hall

About the Symposium on Global Leadership

The Yale-China Association/Lingnan (University) College Symposium on Global Leadership brings together 16 students from Yale with 24 students from Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China to think about issues facing the future generation of business leaders in the United States and China. The Symposium was jointly developed by Yale-China and Lingnan (University) College with the goal of building one-on-one relationships between students in the U.S. and China with an interest in business and society and U.S.-China relations.

For the 2014 Symposium, teams of five students (two from Yale University and three from Lingnan (University) College) will work together on a project related to the central theme of the exchange, to be presented at a competition in New Haven. The teams will work with faculty advisors from L(U)C and communicate using email, Skype, or other Internet platforms to develop their strategies before the L(U)C students’ visit in January/February 2014. Previous topics have included corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics.

In addition to the competition portion of the program, students will attend a series of academic lectures in New Haven designed to foster new ideas on social engagement by the business sector.

Yale-China: Information for Exchange Program Applicants

Information for Exchange Program Applicants

The Yale-China Association is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 exchange programs through September 29, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Applications to the YUNA Exchange and the L(U)CY Exchange will be conducted through a common application process. Application materials are available below. Please contact Yale-China education staff (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) with any questions.


Applicants from Yale must meet the following eligibility criteria. Applicants from New Asia College and Lingnan (University) College should contact their respective Colleges' staff directly about application procedures.

  • YUNA is open to sophomore and junior students in Yale College. L(U)CY is open to all students enrolled in Yale College.
  • Participants must be enrolled AND in New Haven for the entire academic year (fall semester 2017 and spring semester 2018).
  • Previous experience with East Asian Studies or Chinese language is NOT a requirement for participation.

Yale-China: Yale-China Association Law Fellowship

Yale-China Association Law Fellowship

Yale-China is not currently accepting Law Fellowship applications.

About the Yale-China Law Fellowship

The Yale-China Law Fellowship brings a Chinese lawyer with a focus on providing legal services to the community to the United States to learn about the U.S. perspective on public service law and to intern at a legal services organization in New York City.

The Yale-China Law Fellow will receive:

  • Paid airfare to and from the United States, as well as visa support
  • Housing and a stipend to cover basic expenses
  • A four-month placement at MFY Legal Services, Inc. in New York City, working in one or two of the designated project areas
  • An orientation period in New Haven designed to introduce the Fellow to public service law in the United States
  • Pre-departure orientation and preparation from Yale-China affiliates in Guangzhou
  • Support from Yale-China staff members and affiliates in both New York City and New Haven

The Yale-China Law Fellow will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • Work at least 40 hours each week at MFY Legal Services on assigned tasks and projects;
  • Conduct an independent research project on a topic in public service law or legal service and compose a 10-page paper;
  • Attend conferences and lectures on public service law and/or legal services in New York City;
  • Travel to New Haven as required to meet with advisers and Yale-China staff; and
  • Continue to represent Yale-China as a Yale-China Law Fellow after the conclusion of the Fellowship.

Applicants must be recent graduates of law school with a focus on some aspect of legal service in the public interest and a desire to continue providing legal services in China in the future. Applicants must be graduates of Sun Yat-sen University and/or the Sun Yat-sen University Law School in Guangzhou, China. Candidates who have not yet received a graduate degree in law will not be considered.

The ideal candidate will also have a basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system; a knowledge of and interest in public interest law and legal service organizations in China; fluent spoken and written English and Mandarin language skills (Cantonese is also very helpful but not required); and be independent, personable, and able to quickly and easily adapt to new environments and situations.

Yale-China: Arts


Yale-China's repertoire in the arts includes several events for the Greater New Haven community, exchanges between the United States and China, and an arts fellowship, which brings emerging artists from China to the United States. Through the Yale-China Arts Fellowship, Yale-China aims to strengthen the creative voice in the relationship between Chinese and Americans through the collaboration and dialogue of future leaders in the arts in both cultures. Learn more>

Yale-China Arts Fellowship
Learn about the Yale-China Arts Fellowship in partnership with the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Visit our Virtual Info Session to learn more about this Fellowship.

Visit our Facebook page for the latest updates on our next round of applications for the Yale-China Arts Fellowship at facebook.com/yalechina.

Programs and Events

Yale-China: Leadership and Service

Leadership and Service

Leadership and Service is a special branch of the Education Program through which Yale-China offers a wider variety of programs aimed at cultivating its namesake values – leadership and service – in American and Chinese students. Program content includes law, business and society, nonprofit development, and community and volunteer service. Participants travel to China and the U.S., work with local organizations, volunteer with peers from other academic institutions, and make life-changing connections through their work.

Yale-China's Leadership and Service programs span a range of time commitments, including some summer opportunities, some term-time opportunities, and some opportunities that require a part-time commitment through most of the academic year with travel during spring break.

Application Process

Participation in all Leadership and Service programs is determined through an application process for each program. Additional details on application deadlines and materials for the 2013-2014 academic year will be posted as they become available. In the meantime, we encourage you to peruse the program information on the pages listed at the left.

Yale-China: Xiangya Overseas Alumni - Yale-China Association Scholarship (XYOAA-YCA Scholarship)

Xiangya Overseas Alumni - Yale-China Association Scholarship (XYOAA-YCA Scholarship)

1. Background

Since 1914, the Yale-China Association has always been dedicated to the establishment, growth, and development of Xiangya. How time flies! Over the last ten years, the Yale-China Association has raised and issued over $1 million to funding Xiangya School of Medicine students with financial difficulties. In 2014, we began a new partnership with the Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association (XYOAA) to fundraise scholarships for students with financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine. This new scholarship fund has raised $500,000 to support student scholarships for ten years (2015-2024 at $50,000 annually), and provide programmatic activities that will enrich and develop scholarship students' career goals, leadership skills, and community service and research opportunities. We are grateful to our partners, XYOAA and Xiangya School of Medicine for contributing to this meaningful program.

2. Goals

Provide 23 full scholarships and 40 half scholarships each year for ten years (2015-2024) for student with financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine and affiliated schools, and to provide career planning mentorship, leadership development, community service and summer research opportunities for scholarship students.

3. Steering Committee

Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association (XYOAA): Wei Chao, Li-Ming Zhang, Gary Zhou, Bo Wang

Yale-China Association (YCA): Nancy Yao Maasbach, Robert Rohrbaugh, Barry Wu, Ann Williams, Kristopher Fennie

4. Scholarship Fund Management

Donations to support the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship will be managed by the Yale-China Association through its managed funds at the Yale Investments Office.

5. Donations approach

Donations for direct scholarships for students is now closed, but you can still contribute to funds to help support programmatic activities for scholarship students, such as summer research opportunities and career planning activities. If you wish to donate to this part of the scholarship program, donations can be made with personal check, personal company checks, online payments, and bank transfer. Donations of money are full tax-deductible by the Yale-China Association by the extent of the law.

Please make checks payable to the:

Yale-China Association
Attn: Jonathan Green
P.O.Box 6023
Hamden, CT 06517, Phone: 203-432-0884
*Please write XYOAA-YCA Scholarship Programming Fund in the memo line

If your company can match donations, the Yale-China Association can provide a tax number. Please feel free to email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

XYOAA and YCA will issue an acknowledgment letter and tax-exempt receipt for each donor.

A gift in any amount entitles you to membership in the Yale-China Association, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

6. XYOAA Fundraising Committee members

Chair: Bo Wang (Dallas, TX)
Coordinator: Yanjuan Liu (San Antonio, TX)

Regional Directors:
Sean Tao (Houston, TX)
Liang Wang (Los Angeles, CA)
Dou Alvin Zhang (Washington, DC)
Bo Yang (Ann Arbor, MI)
Ge Li (Chicago, IL)
Jianyou Tan (New York City, NY)
Jing Wang (San Francisco, CA).
Ni (Nancy) Quan (Bio-Tech/Pharmaceutical Co., New Jersey)

Frequently-asked Questions Q1. Is this a new scholarship?

A1. The Yale-China Association has been issuing scholarships to students in financial need at Xiangya School of Medicine for over ten years. This is a new partnership between XYOAA and Yale-China to ensure that scholarships continue to be provided to students who have needs.

Q2. Who will be eligible for the XYOAA-YCA scholarship?

A2. Only students at Xiangya School of Medicine who have demonstrated financial need will be eligible for scholarship funds.

Q3. How will we determine who receives the scholarship?

A3. XYOAA and Yale-China will create a selection committee with the help and guidance of Xiangya School of Medicine.

Q4. Will I be able to meet the scholarship students?

A4. We hold an annual spring conference for scholarship students. If you are ever in Changsha in the spring time, there may be opportunity for you to meet scholarship students. You may contact us if you would like to request such an opportunity.

Q5. Will my gift be tax deductible?

A5. Yes, your gift will be fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Q6. What can I provide for my tax accountant?

A6. The Yale-China Association will provide an acknowledgement receipt for the amount of your gift.

Q7. What is the goal of this fundraising effort?

A7. The goal of the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship effort is to raise $500,000 by September 15, 2014. If 250 individuals each gave $2,000, we would reach our goal.

Q8. Who will manage the money raised?

A8. The Yale-China Association will place all funds for the XYOAA-YCA Scholarship into the managed fund at the Yale Investments Office.

Q9. How long will $500,000 last in terms of scholarships?

A9. The goal of the $500,000 is to use these funds for 10 years issuing $50,000 each year in direct scholarships.

Q10. Will there be an opportunity to gather Xiangya, XYOAA, and Yale-China?

A10. Beginning in the second year of the scholarship, our hope is that there will be an annual gathering and one-day conference at Xiangya School of Medicine to meet scholarship recipients, other students, faculty, and members of XYOAA and Yale-China. This would also allow donors to meet with mentees.

Program: Psychological Medicine
Hometown: Nanchuan, Chongqing

I come from a poor family in Chongqing. Both of my parents are farmers without higher level of education. They depended on farming with their industrious hands to send my sister and me to school earlier. Life got by at that time. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with intermittent schizophrenia later, which really added insult to injury. From then on, my mother was burdened with the whole family, as hard as you can imagine, especially since I attended university. I cherish the hard-won opportunity to study and spare on effert to study hard to gain good scores. Meanwhile, I can lighten my parents’ burden partially with my scholarship. Besides, I also participate in rich and varied extra-curricular activities and social practices so that I am fully integrated quality, harmonious and comprehensive development. I believe adversity leads to prosperity. And I really appreciate your kindness, in the near future; I will contribute what I can afford to society.

LI Yapei 李亚培, 2009-2010 Scholarship Recipient

Program: Nursing Medicine (5-Year Program)
Hometown: Baofeng County, Henan Province

I come from a beautiful county in Pingdingshan, which is famous for its coal mine. My father died the year when I was about to take the college entrance examination. Soon later my elder brother who was disabled since childhood contracted with serious illness. Maybe some of you will think that I am a pitiful girl, but I feel that I am lucky, because I have felt the love from our society, besides, the misery taught me a lot and made me a more independent and optimistic girl. Our live is hard now, but I believe that we will have a good one in the near feature. I will do my best to learn my project and other skills. I will do anything I can to appreciate anyone who have helped me and who need help. Thank you for giving us confidence and courage; we will grow up soon and reach our hands to wherever love is needed. Thank you!

Yale-China: Nursing Research and Training Programs

Nursing Research and Training Programs

Fellowship at Yale for Nursing Faculty and Students

Yale-China: Chia Family Health Fellowship

Chia Family Health Fellowship

The Chia Family Health Fellowship Program was established in 1998 to improve health outcomes in defined communities in China through a variety of intervention and educational activities. The Fellowship supports selected Chinese women working in the health professions in Hunan and Yunnan for a six month fellowship training at Yale University, which is followed by them carrying out health work in their local communities in China. Since its establishment, the fellowship has created a network of program alumni who continue to collaborate on research and public health work. Four fellows are selected each year to receive training at Yale University. Starting in 2013, the fellowship has expanded to support four women from rural western Hunan, who will receive five month training at Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University.

Each year, four fellows from Changsha and Kunming in China receive training at Yale for six months, after which they return to China with a developed community health project for implementation. More >

Chia Fellowship at Xiangya

Fellowships are offered to four female health professionals from rural western Hunan each year. Fellows are trained at Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University in Changsha. Each also develops a health project addressing local needs. More >

Yale-China: Health


Since 1906, Yale-China Health Programs have been connecting health professionals in China with health professionals at Yale to build knowledge and capacity through long-lasting individual and institutional relationships. Whether it is in our long-running health professional exchanges (Chia Fellowship Program); the Residency Training Development Program or other exchanges we've helped to facilitate, Yale-China continues to bring professionals from Changsha, Kunming, and Yale together to conduct health-related programs that are impacting hundreds of participants.

This year's service trip has now concluded, please stay tuned for information about future trips.

Residency Training

Working with Yale-China and Yale School of Medicine on residency training program development since 2007, Xiangya was recently named the Model Residency Training Program for all of Hunan Province.

Yale-China: Education


Education was the original mission of the Yale-China Association at its founding in 1901, and that tradition continues to this day through a variety of programs. The most well-known of these programs is the Yale-China Fellowship, through which hundreds of Yale graduates since 1909 have taken on two-year ambassador appointments in China. Over the decades, we have continually updated our programs to adapt to changing conditions in China and in the United States, but at its core our work has always remained true to the values of service, learning, and understanding.

Our Education work in China centers on the Yale-China Fellowship: our institutional partners, our Fellows, their students, and the work they accomplish together. From there, short-term programs branch out to broaden program impact, particularly exchange programs during the academic year and exchange-model service internships in the summer.

In the United States

The Yale-China Fellowship now includes Chinese Fellows who are working in schools in New Haven. These Fellows now serve as the anchor for Yale-China's education area outreach programs for American students. These activities highlight the bidirectional sharing of culture that is central to Yale-China’s mission.

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