Yale alumni have been building this for 114 years. You’ll be amazed when you see what it is…

In 1900, Horace Tracy Pitkin, a graduate of the Yale class of 1892, was beheaded in China. Attributing his death to a dire need for better mutual understanding between Chinese and Americans, Pitkin’s Fellow Elis back in New Haven were inspired in to sow the seeds that have grown into the Yale-China Association. From the first delegation’s visit to Changsha, Hunan Province, in 1901, generations of Yale alumni have toiled with their friends in China to build understanding and trust between the two countries.

Yale-China Teaching Fellows at Yali Middle School have been on the front lines of this work since Yale-China founded the school in 1906, and they continue to make their own, new contributions to strengthen this incredible legacy.

One of the major innovations in recent years has been the establishment of a service trip for Yali students in partnership with Building Bridges at Yale, an undergraduate student organization. Yale-China Teaching Fellows at Yali advise their students in fundraising activities and preparatory training while coordinating with the Yale student group. This past March, the service trip brought the Yali and Yale students to a traditional tulou village in Fujian Province (pictured above); the Yali students invariably report that participating in the service trip completely changes their outlook on life and gives them a sense of purpose. For the Yale-China Teaching Fellows, it is equally rewarding to be the facilitators in this process.

Yali Middle School is just one partner institution for the Yale-China Teaching Fellowship. To learn more about this extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and service and the other three sites, click here.

The couple of years after college graduation is a time for discovery. You took the well-worn path and went to college. Now it is time to do things most won't, don't, or can't. Yale-China will give you such opportunities and you will refer back to this time for the rest of your life. Really.
     —Lina Ayenew, TD 2010, former Teaching Fellow in Changsha

Go for it! Be adventurous, not risk averse. The world is changing far too fast to "plan" your future!
     —Douglas Murray, JE 1958, former Teaching Fellow in Hong Kong

Yale-China provides Fellows with

  • Intensive Chinese language training
  • Salary / stipend
  • Free housing and emergency medical insurance
  • A wide network of former Fellows
  • Training, ongoing support, and much more.

Yale seniors and graduates within five years are eligible to apply by January 31, 2015.
No prior study of Chinese required. To learn more:

> Virtual Info Session    > Application Information
Not a senior but interested in China? Check out Yale-China's other Education programs.

Virtual Info Session

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Every site has its own special characteristics, and every Fellow has the flexibility to chart a unique course through the two-year experience at any given site. Take advantage of these resources to get a fuller picture of the full range of fellowship experiences through the eyes of some of these individuals.

Ready to apply for the fellowship? Visit the Application Process page and be sure to read through the Handbook for Applicants and Application Instructions.

Additional questions? Check the FAQ or contact Brendan Woo by e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phone at 203-432-0850.





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