Chinese (Mandarin) Fellows: Application and Selection Process

To Apply:

  1. View the virtual info session.
  2. Review the Application Checklist.
  3. Submit an application via e-mail by January 3, 2017 (see below).

Each applicant is considered on the basis of his or her academic record, character, recommendations, interest in and capacity for teaching, and ability to make a meaningful contribution to Yale-China and the Chinese host institution. Because
of the number of applications, Yale-China’s selection committee may not be able
to interview every applicant. The committee reserves the right to make a decision on the basis of the written application alone.

Any questions may be directed to Ms. Leslie Stone at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / +1 (203) 432-1771 or Mr. Nixon Fok at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / +852 3943 7603.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Yale-China is currently running two pilot programs: one partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and one in partnership with Yali High School. The information on this page applies only to the Chinese University program.

Applicants will be recent graduates of New Asia College and/or the Faculty of Education of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

While we don’t require prior experience with the United States, we do expect the applicants to have certain proficiency in English language that can help them live and work well in America. Cantonese (or other dialect) speaking candidates are welcome to apply if they possess good Mandarin skill with only minor accent. Applicants must also be eligible for visas for the United States.

Strong candidates will possess the following qualities:

  • Perceptiveness and ability to reflect
  • Flexibility and willingness to adapt to foreign environments or unexpected circumstances
  • Maturity and self-reliance
  • Dedication to service
  • Strong Mandarin ability
  • Interest in and capacity for teaching
  • Interest in and capacity for cultural exchange and sensitivity to cultural differences

Application Components

The application consists of the following components:

  • Completed application form [Download]
  • One-page résumé
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official college transcript
  • Other special awards, licenses and certificates (optional)

All application components should be submitted as e-mail attachments to Leslie Stone at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on or before January 3, 2017.

Selection Process

All interested applicants should view the virtual info session before applying. The selection process then consists of a written application and an interview. Appointments to fellowship positions will be offered in late January / early February.

Selection Timeline for 2017-18 Fellows    

January and February 2017 Recruitment period
January 3, 2017 Application deadline
Mid February to Early March 2017 Application review
Late March 2017 Interview of applicants by the selection committee. Final decisions are made by the committee and invitation letters and acceptance forms are sent to the fellowship recipients.
Late March 2017 Deadline for selected fellows to confirm their acceptance to the program.

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