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NOTE: In addition to the first-round deadlines specified in the virtual info session, a second round of applications will be accepted with written materials and supporting documents due on May 29, 2017. more >

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Every site has its own special characteristics, and every Fellow has the flexibility to chart a unique course through the two-year experience at any given site. Take advantage of these resources to get a fuller picture of the full range of fellowship experiences through the eyes of some of these individuals.

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The couple of years after college graduation is a time for discovery. You took the well-worn path and went to college. Now it is time to do things most won't, don't, or can't. Yale-China will give you such opportunities and you will refer back to this time for the rest of your life. Really.
     —Lina Ayenew, TD 2010, former Teaching Fellow in Changsha

Being a Yale-China Teaching Fellow is out of the normal comfort zone of most of your fellow graduating classmates. Most people are not running away to a far-away country for 2 years, starting new languages (or continuing their study of an old one), and learning to work in a culture that is not their own. However, most people don’t get to have such an amazing experience. So, while it’s absolutely terrifying to climb onto that plane towards the great unknown, feel sorry for them, not for yourself.
     —Marie Calvert-Kilbane, BR 2010, former Teaching Fellow in Changsha

Go for it! Be adventurous, not risk averse. The world is changing far too fast to "plan" your future!
     —Douglas Murray, JE 1958, former Teaching Fellow in Hong Kong