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Foothills Photography Exhibit

Foothills is a window into this village in one of China's poorest provinces - Anhui Province. It is at once representative of the 50% of China's 1.3 billion population living in agrarian communities and also incredibly specific to these people in this place - following their lives as they connect and define each other. As such, Foothills focuses on the three disparate but deeply connected areas that define life here: The Village, The School, and The Farmland surrounding them both.

Aaron Reiss recently concluded a two-year appointment as a Yale-China Teaching Fellow in Xiuning, a county in Southern China, where he taught debate and led an oral history club. During his two years, he traveled extensively throughout Asia photographing cities. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Yale College ('10) in Environmental and Urban Studies, during which time he helped manage the Yale Farm and the New Haven Bike Collective. He also received a grant to map New Haven in a way to encourage undergraduates to explore and engage with the city. He currently lives in Brooklyn.

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