Yale-China Fundraiser: Night of 100 Dinners

"Deepest thanks to all of you who have attended and donated, and especially to our generous hosts! All of you have made this successful pilot year possible!"

— David Youtz, Executive Director

Can you host a dinner for Yale-China?

We are inviting you to participate in a fun and meaningful event this spring. Yale-China's "Night of 100 Dinners" is a fundraiser that turns a traditional gala on its head. Instead of bringing many supporters together in a ballroom -- hard to do when your supporters are dispersed all over the world -- we will encourage as many smaller, intimate dinners as we can during the same weekend, all linked by a common sense of purpose and community. Since overhead costs are low, what we raise goes entirely to support Yale-China's programs and mission!

Here's how it works

THE HOST volunteers to provide the meal and venue -- however you want to do this: in a restaurant, in your home, as a potluck dinner, or whatever you choose. The host reaches out and invites guests of their choosing (Yale-China can help with names from our database if desired). Invite a larger or smaller number of attendees, as you wish. The host also decides on the donation price that each guest pays to attend -- you can customize an invitation that Yale-China provides. We suggest a minimum of $20, or go for $115 to commemorate our birthday in 2016, or whatever you feel will accomplish the dinner's fundraising goal, without excluding those who want to participate.

YALE-CHINA will provide what you need to run the evening, including customizable invitations, information to share about what Yale-China does and why we are a worthy cause, a brief video to inspire conversation, and small gifts to thank your guests. We can also help you locate current and recent fellows, students and other Yale-China participants in your area who could share their stories and what the experience means to them.

GUESTS pay the set price to join the evening, and then no further donations are solicited at the event. We want the evening to be fun and a celebration of our community and -- for those who are new to Yale-China's work -- a good introduction to what we do.

What do I do to host or attend a dinner?

  1. RSVP to let us know that you will host a dinner (or want to attend a dinner).
  2. Choose your date -- Yale-China will recommend a date each year around April or May, but any date that works for you works for us.
  3. Fill in the invitation that Yale-China will send you with date and location details, and send out your invitations.
  4. Collect your RSVPs and checks and send us the list of attendees -- we will mail you a "100 Dinners" package with special gifts for your attendees.
  5. Have fun! at your event and know that you have helped a great cause!
  6. Post photos of your evening and share it with Yale-China -- we will post them up on Facebook and include them in our Yali Society Notes in the Yale-China Review.

Cheongsam Ball: We have discontinued the annual Cheongsam Ball. Our thanks to all of our friends and supporters who made those events special and memorable between 2012 and 2015.

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